Federally Chartered Bank Net Branch

What is a Federally Chartered Bank?

The most important reason for mortgage professionals to work with a Federally Chartered Savings Bank is the freedoms to originate in all 50 states without the need to obtain state specific loan officer licensing. Our mortgage partnerships include a Federally Chartered FDIC, HUD Endorsed Bank with the ability to do loans in all 50 states. With all the rules and regulations behind a state regulated bank many mortgage professionals choose to work with a Federal Charter bank. The most important reason many loan officers choose this route is no state licensing restrictions.

Federally Chartered Bank net branch opportunities are also available for the loan officer that has proven the ability to close a high volume of units with himself and a team. The term net branch is more defined as a branch, and the manager that runs the branch we be compensated within the mortgage industry legal guidelines. Federally Chartered Banks hiring loan officers look for stable, entrepreneurial loan professionals and they will give the support to help grow your business with customized marketing, mentoring, and professional development. Working with a Federally Chartered bank gives a national platform that maximizes income potential for the mortgage professional.

Work with a Federally Chartered bank net branch, and have no state licensing restrictions. Imagine being able use internet leads from all over the county without licensing issues. Or work a state that you may have old relationships in, like Realtors or builders. Federally Chartered banks definition of doing business in the mortgage industry is ability to quickly grow a branch by hiring unlicensed loan officers from your competing mortgage brokers and smaller banks.

Federally Chartered mortgage branch and give yourself the freedom to originate in all 50 states without the all the testing and licensing requirements. Make the decision that your future self with thank you for. It’s hard enough to be successful in the mortgage business these days, why add the stress of all the licensing and fees that go along with it. Work with the Federally Chartered Banks that are hiring loan officers and minimize your headaches. Our Federal Chartered bank partnerships are in place to help recruit serous career minded mortgage professionals looking a solid platform to build from. Thanks for reading our post Federally Chartered Bank Net Branch.

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