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Here at Anikim Credit Corp. our job is to connect the top producing loan officers with the best mortgage bankers in the industry. Working with the top earners in this business we often come across the best resources for these parties to utilize. One of the most important of these resources is a good consistent lead source, everyone knows good mortgage leads are often difficult to come by. We have established relationships with some of the top mortgage lead producers/publishers in the county, some of which only sell to our affiliates on a wholesale level. This means that our partners that want to buy exclusive mortgage leads, mortgage purchase leads, or aged leads, we can provide that conduit for them. Since pricing varies depending on the market, and filters we suggest calling us and asking for our mortgage lead department to discuss pricing. Since we can fit a campaign around everyone’s budget contact us, and discuss the market you choose to target.

  • Are you interested in a new lead source?
  • Our partners are generating high quality mortgage leads in high volume.
  • Everything we do is program specific so we can target your ideal client for you.
  • We offer everything from Radio/TV, to high response direct mail campaigns, to internet leads, to pre-screened warm live transfer calls generated in our US call centers.
  • We can also provide you with data and aged leads for your own marketing campaigns if you do any in-house lead gen of your own.
  • Mortgage lead generation is our specialty.

Here are some items we need to know from you

  • How many states do you do business in?
  • How many loan agents do you have?
  • Do you have an in house marketing team or Junior L.O.’s               (IF YES-What kind of leads or data do you give them? & Are they hand dialing or on a predictive dialer?)
  • Which programs do you prefer to target?  FHA/VA/Conventional/Harp/Reverse/Purchase/Jumbo
  • What are you doing for marketing now?  Internet?  Direct mail?
  • How’s that working for you?


Here are some of the leads available


  •   24-48 Hour (PPC) Data Forms~  ( the PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click )
  • 7 Day (PPC) Data Forms~
  •  14 Day (PPC) Data Forms~
  • 21 Day (PPC) Data Forms~
  •  30-60 Day (PPC) Data Forms~
  •  61-90 Day (PPC) Data Forms~
  • 91-120 Day (PPC) Data Forms~
  •  121+ Day (PPC) Data Forms~
  • 24-48hr (Live Transfer Feed) ( live transfer means it went through a call center )
  • 7 Day Feed (PPC) Leads
  • 14 Day Feed (PPC) Leads~
  • 30-60 Day~
  • 61-90 Day~
  • 91-120 Day~
  • 120+ Days~

Mortgage Purchase LeadsIn today’s mortgage environment referrals from realtors more than ever, we have a proven long term plan to co-brand our mortgage professionals with local real estate agents and brokers. Our mortgage purchase leads allow to initiate a relationship with a “new” agent and work alongside them assisting clients with new home purchases. Find out more about our mortgage purchase leads by calling and speaking with a specialist.

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