Mortgage Loan Officer San Diego Opportunities

Mortgage loan officer jobs in San Diego are back, and are available in the mortgage broker arena as well as the mortgage broker business. Our company works with many of the big “players” in the San Diego market as well as nationwide mortgage bankers and brokers. All of them have us searching for quality mortgage originators to fill open desks just waiting for the right individual to work there. Depending on what type of job you like whether W2 or 1099, there are many opportunities in San Diego for you to apply your mortgage skills. If you have your own book of business and have no need to me micro-managed then working for a small mortgage banker or broker may be the best fit for you. But, if you are looking for leads and structure, then one of our mortgage banker’s partnerships is probably the place for you. contact us to learn more about mortgage loan officer San Diego positions.

Be prepared to have all you pre-testing and up-to-date hours needed to be eligible for a mortgage loan officer in San Diego. Many are strict on mortgage origination, and only want individuals that are taking the proper requirements to legally originate. Mortgage loan officers should be well versed in all the new laws pertaining to the mortgage industry, and are looking for a career and not just a job. Some of the banks looking for mortgage loan officers offer 401k, a good base pay and health insurance. So if you are a loan officer in San Diego and are looking for a new career or a better career in the mortgage business contact us and we will find a place for you.

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